Useful Tools and Kit

This Part of our site will focus on what we consider to be the essential products and tools for the job. We will frequently add items to section. So check back regularly.

Cable Ties

part no. Item description Cable ties
CT01 Cable tie 100mm long X 2.5mm wide
CT02 Cable tie 200mm long X 2.5mm wide
CT03 Cable tie 300mm long X 4.8mm wide
CRADLE5  Screw on Cradle 5mm Screw on cradel
CRADLE8 Screw on Cradle 9mm
ADBASE1 Adhesive Base 4 Way 19m x 19mm An adhesive base

Masking Tape

General purpose masking highly conformable crepe paper. Ideal for paint masking or surface protection. Removes cleanly after use. Tears easily from the roll.

Part no. Item description Masking Tape
MASK 1 12.5mm  (1/2")
MASK 2 25mm  (1")
MASK 3 50mm  (2")

PVC Electrical Insulation Tape (Flame Retardant)

All purpose flame retardant electrical insulation tape available in a range of colours.

part no. Item description PVC Electrical Insulation Tape
INSTAPE1 Green / Yellow 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE2 Green 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE3 Black 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE4 Blue 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE5 Yellow 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE6 Red 19mm x 33mm role
INSTAPE7 White 19mm x 33mm role

Poly Spring Clips

Spring Clips, Steel black plastic coated spring clips (tool clips) available in a range of sizes.Nylon coated steel gives excellent scratch protection.

part no. Item description A Poly Spring Clip
POLY 1 1  1/8"
POLY 2 1  1/4"
POLY 3 1  1/2"
POLY 4 2"

Terminal Blocks

part no. item description A Terminal Block
TB03 Terminal Block 3AMP - 10 STRIPS
TB05 Terminal Block 5AMP - 10 STRIPS
TB15 Terminal Block 15AMP - 10 STRIPS
TB30 Terminal Block 30AMP - 10 STRIPS

Domestic Fuses

Part no. Item description A domestic fuse
FUSE 3 3 AMP Domestic Fuses- Qty 100
FUSE 5 5 AMP Domestic Fuses - Qty 100
FUSE 13 13 AMP Domestic Fuses - Qty 100

Emery Paper

Part no. Item description Emery Paper
EMERYFINE Emery Paper - Fine - 50M x 25MM
EMERYMED Emery Paper - Medium - 50M x 25MM
EMERYCOARSE Emery paper - Coarse - 50M x 25MM


Part no. Item description Vinyl Disposable Gloves
VYNYLGLP Vinyl Disposable Gloves lightly powdered - Large Qty - 100
LGLPL Latex Disposable Gloves- Size - Large Qty - 100 Disposable latex gloves

Hacksaw Blades etc

Part no. Item description A metal hacksaw blade
HACKBLADE Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades 24 TPI - PK 10
HACKBLADE J Junior Hacksaw Blades - PK 10 A junior hacksaw blade
SOLDER 1 1/6" Cored Solder (1/2 KG) Cored Solder
SILICONE Clear silicone (310ML Cartridge) Clear Silicone
TLR 41/5 Bearing Fit 50ml Bearing Fit
GP 424 General Purpose Superglue General Purpose Superglue