Lighting Capacitors

We stock a range of Lighting capacitors in both 250 volt and 440 volt, with push wire connections and M8 mounting Stud. Available in the following sizes:

250 VOLT
capacitance part no.
2.0uf FSP02/250
3.0uf FSP03/250
4.0uf FSP04/250
5.0uf FSP05/250
5.5uf FSP55/250
6.0uf FSP06/250
8.0uf FSP08/250
8.4uf FSP84/250
10.0uf FSP10/250
12.0uf FSP12/250
15.0uf FSP15/250
16.0uf FSP16/250
18.0uf FSP18/250
20.0uf FSP20/250
25.0uf FSP25/250
30.0uf FSP30/250
35.0uf FSP35/250
40.0uf FSP40/250
440 VOLT
capacitance part no.
5.0uf FSP05/440
6.8uf FSP68/440
7.2uf FSP72/440
7.8uf FSP78/440

DNA Lighting capacitor

A DNA Lighting capacitor