Electric Terminals

All terminals that we stock conform to BS4579 and BS4G178. Anti-vibration copper inserts are fitted to all Spades, Piggybacks, Tabs, Bullets and Receptacles. All red terminals are suitable for wire size 0.25m-1.5mm, Blue terminals are suitable for wire size 1.1mm-2.5mm and Yellow terminals are suitable for wire size 2.7mm-6.0mm.

Insulated Piggy-Backs
6.3mm REDPIG Blue Insulated Piggy-Back
6.3mm BLUPIG
Insulated Tabs (Male)
6.3mm REDTAB Insulated Tab (male)
6.3mm BLUTAB
Fully Insulateds Spades (Female)
6.3mm REDFISPA Fully Insulated Spade (Female)
Insulated Pins
12.0mm REDPIN Insulated Pin
12.0mm BLUPIN
Insulated Receptacles
4.0mm REDREC Insulated Receptacle
5.0mm BLUREC
5.0mm YELREC
Blue Ring Connectors
3.0mm BC3.0 Blue Ring Connector
4.3mm BC4.3
5.3mm BC5.3
6.4mm BC6.4
8.4mm BC8.4
Insulated Butts
3.3mm REDBUT Insulated Butt electrical terminal
4.0mm BLUBUT
5.5mm YELBUT
Insulated Spades (Female)
6.3mm REDSPA Insulated Spade Female
6.3mm BLUSPA
Insulated Forks
4.3mm REDFORK4 Insulated Fork
5.3mm REDFORK5
4.3mm BLUFORK4
5.3mm BLUFORK5
Insulated Bullets (male)
4.0mm REDBUL Insulated Bullet (Male)
5.0mm BLUBUL
5.0mm YELBUL
Red Ring Connectors
3.0mm RC3.0 Red Ring Connectors
3.7mm RC3.7
4.3mm RC4.3
5.3mm RC5.3
6.4mm RC6.4
8.4mm RC8.4
Yellow Ring Connectors
4.3mm yC4.3 Yellow Ring Connector
5.3mm YC5.3
6.4mm YC6.4
8.4mm YC8.4
10.5mm YC10.5
13.0mm YC13.O