Metric Ball Bearings

Rubber Sealed Metric Ball BearingsSmall Ball BearingMetric Ball BearingRubber Sealed and Metal Shielded providing protection against light mechanical damage, some protection against the ingress of moisture and dust and retain the pre-filled grease in the bearing.

Inside Diameter Outside Diameter width Shields Product No
7mm 22mm 7mm Metal 627 ZZ
9.52mm 12.7mm 25.4mm Metal 608 ZZ
10mm 26mm 8mm Metal 6000 ZZ
12mm 28mm 8mm Rubber 6001 2RS
12mm 28mm 8mm Metal 6001 ZZ
15mm 32mm 9m Rubber 6002 2RS
15mm 32mm 9mm Metal 6002 ZZ
17mm 35mm 10mm Rubber 6003 2RS
17mm 35mm 10mm Metal 6003 ZZ
20mm 42mm 12mm Rubber 6004 2RS
20mm 42mm 12mm Metal 6004 ZZ 
25mm 47mm 12mm Rubber 6005 2RS
25mm 47mm 12mm Metal 6005 ZZ
30mm 55mm 13mm Rubber 6006 2RS
30mm 55mm 13mm Metal 6006 ZZ
35mm 62mm 14mm Rubber 6007 2RS
35mm 62mm 14mm Metal 6007 ZZ
40mm 68mm 15mm Rubber 6008 2RS
40mm 68mm 15mm Metal 6008 ZZ
45mm 75mm 16mm Rubber 6009 2RS
45mm 75mm 16mm Metal 6009 ZZ
10mm 30mm 9mm Rubber 6200 2RS
10mm 30mm 9mm Metal 6200 ZZ
12mm 32mm 10mm Rubber 6201 2RS
12mm 32mm 10mm Metal 6201 ZZ
15mm 35mm 11mm Rubber 6202 2RS
15mm 35mm 11mm Metal 6202 ZZ
17mm 40mm 12mm Rubber 6203 2RS 
17mm 40mm 12mm Metal 6203 ZZ
20mm 47mm 14mm Rubber 6204 2RS
20mm 47mm 14mm Metal 6204 ZZ
25mm 52mm 15mm Metal 6205 ZZ
30mm 62mm 16mm Rubber 6206 2RS
30mm 62mm 16mm Metal 6206 ZZ
35mm 72mm 17mm Rubber 6207 2RS
35mm 72mm 17mm Metal 6207 ZZ
40mm 80mm 18mm Rubber 6208 2RS
40mm 80mm 18mm Metal 6208 ZZ
10mm 35mm 11mm Rubber 6300 2RS 
10mm 35mm 11mm Metal 6300 ZZ
12mm 37mm 12mm Rubber 6301 2RS
12mm 37mm 12mm Metal 6301 ZZ
15mm 42mm 13mm Rubber 6302 2RS
15mm 42mm 13mm Metal 6302 ZZ
17mm 47mm 14mm Rubber 6303 2RS
17mm 47mm 14mm Metal 6303 ZZ
20mm 52mm 15mm Rubber 6304 2RS
20mm 52mm 15mm Metal 6304 ZZ
25mm 62mm 17mm Rubber 6305 2RS
25mm 62mm 17mm Metal 6305 ZZ
30mm 72mm 19mm Rubber 6306 2RS
30mm 72mm 19mm Metal 6306 ZZ
35mm 80mm 21mm Rubber 6307 2RS
35mm 80mm 21mm Metal 6307 ZZ
40mm 90mm 23mm Rubber 6308 2RS
40mm 90mm 23mm Metal 6308 ZZ
45mm 100mm 25mm Rubber 6309 2RS
45mm 100mm 25mm Metal 6309 ZZ
50mm 110mm 27mm Rubber 6310 2RS
50mm 110mm 27mm Metal 6310 ZZ

Tolerance Rings

A Tolerance RingA Tolerance ring is a corrugated metal strip which acts as an interface between two surfaces, which secures one to the other by interference fit. Typically used for fitting bearings into worn housings. Available in the following sizes:



Dimensions Part no.
22mm x 7mm TR01
24mm x 7mm TR02
26mm x 8mm TR03
28mm x 8mm TR04
32mm x 10mm TR05
35mm x 10mm TR06
40mm x 12mm TR07
42mm x 12mm TR08
47mm x 14mm TR09
52mm x 15mm TR10
62mm x 16mm TR11
62mm x 23mm TR12
72mm x 17mm TR13
82mm x 20mm TR14
85mm x 19mm TR15
90mm x 15mm TR16
100mm x 19mm TR17
110mm x 25mm TR18